Monday, 25 August 2014

I really am quite bad at this

I know I promised to blog more but I'm still not doing that well at it :-(. I think it is because I'm just not that good at putting myself out there. It is so much easier to hide in my own little world where it is safe and there is no one to critique what I am doing.

Of course if I want to sell anything - items I've knitted or patterns I've designed - I actually have to show people what I've been doing. I need to have confidence in myself and my abilities. I need to BELIEVE in myself.

This was my fortune from Saturday night's celebration - I have a teenage boy in the house - yikes, how did that happen. Yes, I know the biology of it all but where did the years go?

Anyway back to my fortune. Yes my plans are going to succeed but only if I do something about them.

So on that note I will be reopening my Etsy shop (I'll provide a link when it happens). It won't be about hand dyed yarn as before though some may turn up and I may even let go of some of my hand spun. This time I want to give a go at selling some of my knitted items. They are beginning to take over the house. I knit more than I can ever gift and there are those who are over my knitted gifts. That doesn't mean I don't gift my knits but these day if you exclaim loudly enough over something I'm making you may find it making it's way to you for your birthday.

Here's a little look at some of the items that have been accumulating:

On the left lots of stripey socks. There are some in there that I thought would be plain but they decided to stripe instead. In the middle is a small shawl, I have another larger one on the needles at the moment and to the right are three cowls. On is splattered dyed and looks like meadow flowers, one has long repeats of colour into which I added a few stripes (I seem to have a thing about stripes) and my favourite is the gradient coloured, changing from brown to green through to purple.

This isn't even close to all the knitted items I have. I love knitting from other people's patterns and they will become gifts. Anything I put up for sale will be of my own design.

Tomorrow I will share with you the beginnings of some of my new designs. Sometimes I wish I could knit faster - at least faster than I have ideas.

Keep smiling :-)

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