Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Working on a design

My aim, at the moment, is to try and publish some of the patterns that have been floating around in my head. Well actually I scribble my ideas into a notebook because otherwise they get caught up with all the other flotsam in my head and are lost forever.

One design I was playing around with some time ago was a garter stitch scarf with lace edge. Playing with the simplest of stitches to create and interesting design.

It is knitted sideways,  gradually widening, so the end result is like a long skinny triangle.

The one pictured is in Brooklyn Tweed Loft - Faded Quilt is the larger scarf version which works as a shawl.

One of the reasons for the pattern never been released was I didn't like the selvedge edge. It had always annoyed me. Well I finally found a solution, an i-cord edge which is worked within the pattern.

The other reason was the gauge. I knew it wasn't quite right but kept ignoring it because my swatches looked fine. However the resulting fabric wasn't to my satisfaction, I wanted something soft and light.

So taking all these things into consideration I've started again and as soon as I have finished knitting both the small and large scarf, photographed them and ensured the pattern is correct, I will release them through my pattern shop on Ravelry.

Below is the beginning of the work and hopefully within the next week or so they will be finished. Both scarves are knit in Brooklyn Tweed Loft, the smaller one in Tent and the larger in Hayloft.

Keep smiling :-)

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